Hope Spot's work- Cooperation with Photo Aid

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Hope Spot's work- Cooperation with Photo Aid

 Hope Spot recently partnered with Photo Aid to bring awareness to the public about human trafficking and domestic abuse.

It is estimated that 20.000 women are still trapped in sexual exploitation in our country, while the number of children that are forced to work is increasing. This is the face of the modern slavery. Human trafficking is the second biggest crime, after drugs, with worldwide profits that reach 25 billion euro each year.

People that are trapped in slavery, do not belong to a specific category, neither they have a specific «profile». They are people from different social backgrounds, with high or no education, adults or children. Their current environment does not provide for them hope for their future, neither a possibility for improvement of their life. These are factors that lead them to search for “a better life”. Traffickers take advantage of this desire when they meet a person that is found at the end of themselves and in desperation.

The trafficker approaches the victim, by creating an environment of trust and interest, and then he/she starts promising things and plans for the future, opportunities and possibilities for a new start, for a «better life». When the victims realize that these hopeful promises are fake, and that every promise for a “good salary”, “a good job” “a good marriage” was a lie, then it is often too late.

Hope Spot stands next to every woman that faces abuse, and helps her to speak, to think, to take back the life she deserves.

Hope Spot stands against violence, offering help to women victims of human trafficking and abuse. For this reason it has a short term shelter for women and their children, victims of trafficking or domestic abuse. It is a safe, peaceful and hospitable place. A place they can call home. Hope Spot also covers their basic needs as accommodation, clothing, food and medical care. Hope Spot provides also physiological and legal support that is needed for the woman to take the next step to a new life. Our goal is not just for the victim to be rescued from the exploitation and abuse, but to stand on her feet and make a new start.

Hope Spot launched a new awareness campaign «#Wake_Up!» with the purpose to bring awareness and awakening to the students about the crime of human trafficking. In the last two years, we have informed over 2.000 high school students, with licensed presentations by the Education Department.