We treat others, just like we want others to treat us.

We are a non-governmental, non- profitable organization, determined to take action and offer to every hopeless person what they lack: the hope of change.
That is why we chose to be named Hope Spot, a center of hope.
We understand the tragic reality of trafficking and domestic violence, but we do not believe it is a dead end. Based in Thessaloniki and along with a powerful team of friends and supporters from all over Greece and the world, we aim to assist in the fight against these two injustices.


Α safe, quiet and welcoming place. A home. This is the first and most urgent need of a woman who faces abuse or is a victim of human trafficking. This is the role of the Hope Spot Shelter.

We take care of the basic needs of our guests like accommodation, food, clothes and medical care. We provide them with all the psychological and legal assistance they need to make the next step in a new life.


If the best treatment is prevention, then the best method of prevention would be awareness. The continuous awakening of all members of the society. Hope Spot organizes seminars, open events, city outreaches, music nights etc, not only to talk about the problem of trafficking and abuse, but also about the solutions, all the things we can do and are called to do on a daily basis.
Since the future belongs to the next generation, we designed a specific campaign targeting the young people! We visit high schools and youth clubs to present, discuss and spread the message: #awake


Everyone, who spends their life in a prison cell, is deprived not only of their freedom but also the courage to fight for a better life; the hope that they deserve a second chance. The Hope Spot team is in cooperation with the Authorities and visits Women’s Detention Centers on a weekly basis. We offer food, personal hygiene items and encourage women to talk to us and the Police. We want them to know that they are not forgotten and that there is help and a way out for them!


We are a social movement aiming to support victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, operating in Greece.



  • Due to our always-changing schedule, we only meet with you by appointments arranged in advance.
  • +30 2310 620 785
  • info@hopespot.gr
  • www.hopespot.gr